The Maze, Canyonlands

After my late start the other morning to this area I got on the road a bit earlier today, especially as the clocks had changed so it would be dark an hour earlier. Rather than unloading outside the park this time I drove in and found a parking place at Frenchman’s cabin, that eliminated some of the less interesting sand road but it did mean driving the truck over some rough rocky road with the CRF in the back. In case you are wondering the CRF is street legal so is allowed to be ridden in the park. It was still 11:30 before I mounted the bike, it is about 130 miles from my house to Frenchman’s Cabin. No messing about with viewpoints today, straight off to find the Flint Trail.

The Flint Trail, this is the view from the overlook, the steep part of the trail is on the right side in the shadows and continues out into the valley.

Brimhall Point – in order to bring you the best views possible I jumped across the gap between these two tops, it’s only 640 feet to the canyon bottom…

The next jump seemed a little too challenging, maybe if I hadn’t hurt my knee earlier in the day!

The bottom is actually quite inviting, there was a park ranger out here, he told me that the trail involves some ‘hand over hand’ climbing, maybe next time.
He also told me that it wouldn’t be a problem to drive the Tundra out here, he was in a Chevy Silverado, on the other hand I had found his spare wheel in the middle of the trail a few miles back, he didn’t even know he had lost it.

Here’s a satellite view of Brimhall Point, you can actually see the rocks I jumped between and the lonely rock.

My entire route for the day, Brimhall Point is at the end of the bottom fork on the red line.

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