A Very Wet September 11th, 2013

A Very Wet September Day

The whole summer of 2013 has been very wet but the last few days have been exceptional, people have measured as much as 6.5″ of rain in that time, the average annual rainfall is 7″.

Water ran down the road and into my drive early in the morning.

A Visiting River

I went to the park to get some waterfall pictures but discovered that the road was closed, however I was able to walk down to the place where the Fremont River had jumped its banks and flooded the road. The water was about 8″ deep when I was there but the UDOT driver said it had been over 3 feet during the night.

Looking back towards Fruita

Utah 24 Waterfall


The Maze, Canyonlands


Two Days at Three Peaks

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  1. When we passed by this area in June, the Fremont River could hardly be seen.

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