Mojave Snowbird Trip – Ehrenberg Day One

I didn’t get moved along by the CHP and the truck traffic on US95 wasn’t loud enough to disturb my sleep, or Biff’s, though it would have to be a parade of 747s to do that! A quick 80 miles south got me to Blythe, California and another mile across the Colorado River into Arizona. There are a number of boondocking sites and a nice state park on the river but the free places have a reputation for occupation by homeless people and criminal activity and the state park is $40/night. I had watched a video of somebody finding a camp spot on the Ehrenberg-Cibola Road and it looked good. It’s a wide open barren place for sure with a lot of campers, but there is so much space that I would estimate the distance between each rig averages 400-500 feet, certainly that is how close the nearest rig to The Caravan is. It was 65F when we arrived, it felt much hotter.

Biff explored the sunny side, on the shady side there is an area of sand (dust) which will be more comfortable for him.
The view from the Caravan door, looking north pretty much, long way to the nearest rigs over there.
View to the east from The Caravan
To the south of the camp spot is a shallow wash that is home to many ocatillo, this one has leaves and flowers.
Ocatillo flowers
There are quite a few plants flowering, they have to get it over early in the year as it can reach 120F here in the summer.
Biff and I walked a couple of miles south of camp which is up on top of the lighter bank in the middle, we are about a half mile back from the edge.
We were treated to a beautiful sunset. The shaded area in the middle is the shadow of The Caravan, the sun was right on the horizon behind us.

I’m not sure how long we will stay here, certainly over the weekend, perhaps for 10 days. Sadly the Verizon phone signal is not that great, AT&T is good but I don’t have as much data on that plan, I need to be able to stream Luton Town’s games!

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