Mojave Snowbird Trip – Dome Rock Road

Biff had an easy morning.

I decided to head over to Quartzsite to check out the scene but Biff needed walking first so I stopped at another potential camping area, Dome Rock Road. There was nothing special about the camping there and the phone signal was weak so I crossed that one off my list. We found a canyon on the north side of the interstate and after driving up it a way took to our feets.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Saguaro cactus skeleton before.

We walked up the canyon for about a mile and half, passing many mine claims, there were a couple of people working claims at the bottom of the canyon, I assume they are looking for gold.

Saguaro – over 70 years old since it has arms.
This Ocotillo had all red leaves, presumably they are about to fall.
The top of the canyon was a pass into the next valley west, it looked quite green, in a desert sort of way.

As I was walking back down the canyon I looked around at the slopes, they were covered in cholla cacti, not a Joshua Tree in site. At that point I began to realize that I was actually in the Sonoran Desert rather than the Mojave, oops. Saguaro and Ocotillo are more common in the Sonoran and the absence of Joshua Trees is a giveaway.

Looking east down the canyon, not a Joshua Tree to be seen.
A Chain Cholla just about to flower, don’t think I’ve seen that before either.

After the hike I drove into Quartzsite, the traffic was backed up on the freeway ramp and then it started to rain, so I just drove through town and back to camp. There are going to be too many people in Quartzsite for me!

Less crowded back at camp.
Biff found a dead Ocotillo which proved resistant to shredding but he carried it for about a mile.

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