Mojave Snowbird Trip – Colorado River

I was having a lazy day but Biff has a way of letting me know he’s ready to do something

The camping web sites mention numerous places to camp right by the Colorado River but also talk about homeless people and litter, I thought I’d take a look anyway. We drove down the Arizona side of the Colorado River south for about 15 miles. There were quite a lot of places to camp and almost no people, the first few sites at the north end nearest Blythe had some glass and other litter but a few miles downstream they were fine. They were not as interesting as the desert sites though because the ground was covered with brush and a lot of dead trees. The Arizona side of the river is not farmed at all but the California side has continuous farms growing cotton and lettuce.

Colorado River, looking upstream, North.
Colorado River looking upstream from the Cibola Bridge, there are several parks on the California side as well as the farms.

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