January 1st 2019

The start of the new year in Torrey was sunny and cold with a high of about 20F following a low of 2F.

We headed out to Sand Creek for the dog walk but only got about half a mile before Biff started to limp, he had a cracked paw and despite a load of Musher’s Secret he didn’t want to go on.

Biff The Reluctant
Despite the short walk Frikka had a long rest in the evening before going to bed.

Elk Horn, Thousand Lake Mountain

I decided to see what the road from UT72 over the Hogans to Cathedral Valley was like, many years it would still be impassable in the trees due to snow drifts, but not this year. The road up to Riley Springs and on to the junction for Cathedral Valley was dry so rather than heading down the hill I took the road up towards Elk Horn campground, not really expecting to get that far. The road was muddy in places and a few shaded spots had snow but nothing the Silverado couldn’t handle in 4WD. 

The dogs and I wandered around the campground then back to the truck where I noticed a small lake just beyond our parking spot.
Frikka really likes lakes and went to explore the shoreline, she dipped one foot in but decided against immersion, the air temperature was 39F and there was a small raft of ice floating near the snowy shore.
Biff contented himself with squirming around in the snow, he loves to do that, I didn’t catch him with the camera today but you can see the marks in front of him.
Frikka likes to lay on her belly and scootch along letting out little howls of pleasure, at least it gets the dirt off her!
Lovely little lake, we will go back later in the year so that the dogs can swim.
Zoomed out satellite view of the area, I haven’t been able to find any map that shows the lake or its name so I have named it Lago Sin Nombre after one of my favourite Death Valley stories.
It looks like the lake dries out in the summer. Heart Lake is a few miles north of here so perhaps this one should be called Kidney Lake.

Cathedral Valley Snow – February 2016

The weather station at the Torrey post office told me there had been snow overnight and since it was now a clear blue sky day I thought I might drive out to Cathedral Valley.

Cathedral Valley Snow Cathedral Valley Snow

Looks like I get first tracks on the Caineville Wash Road

Cathedral Valley Snow

The Queen of the Wash looking majestic as always.

Cathedral Valley Snow

The Temple of the Sun

Cathedral Valley Snow

The Temples of the Sun and Moon.

Cathedral Valley Snow

The Glass Mountain.

Cathedral Valley Snow

The Wayne County Wall. It’s a volcanic dike that sits on the border of Wayne and Emery counties – keeping the rif-raff out for 10 million years – or in…

Cathedral Valley Snow

The Wall of Jericho.

Cathedral Valley Snow

The Emery County side of the Wayne County Wall.

Cathedral Valley Snow

The Wall of Jericho, the three spires are called Mom, Pop and Little Henry (from r to l). This is approximately where John Fremont made camp on his aborted journey through Cathedral Valley, the location is only known due to a daguerreotype taken by the expedition ‘photographer’ Solomon Nunes Carvalho .

Cathedral Valley Snow

This picture is actually from a woodcut made from the original, the artist took some liberties with the perspective. Most of the 300 daguerreotypes taken were lost in a fire. (Woodcuts don’t always make a good backup medium either)

Cathedral Valley Snow

The Cathedrals

Cathedral Valley Snow

Headed back towards the Henry Mountains

Cathedral Valley Snow

The Blue Cliffs

A Very Wet September 11th, 2013

A Very Wet September Day

The whole summer of 2013 has been very wet but the last few days have been exceptional, people have measured as much as 6.5″ of rain in that time, the average annual rainfall is 7″.

Water ran down the road and into my drive early in the morning.

A Visiting River

I went to the park to get some waterfall pictures but discovered that the road was closed, however I was able to walk down to the place where the Fremont River had jumped its banks and flooded the road. The water was about 8″ deep when I was there but the UDOT driver said it had been over 3 feet during the night.

Looking back towards Fruita
Utah 24 Waterfall