Snowy Walk with Biff on Sand Creek

It was a lovely snowy day for a walk, no wind and 34F. I enjoyed it so much that we walked 6.8 miles rather than our usual 4.4 mile loop.

Snowy Walk

The cliffs appeared and disappeared as snow clouds drifted across the Velvet Ridge

Snowy Walk

The Giant Red Monster made a brief appearance (not Biff, the cliff!)

Biff chooses interesting sticks.
Snowy Walk

More Red Monster

When we got home we were greeted by a choir of Red Wing Blackbirds, they gather in the cottonwood every afternoon.

The Rim Rock Trail

Having hiked on Sand Creek for a couple of days it was time to try an alternative, the Rim Rock Trail is pretty much opposite the Rim Rock hotel and restaurant and below Cook’s Mesa, it leads to the northern entrance to Spring Canyon.

Tank Bridge

Biff was ready to go.

Tank Bridge Tank Bridge Tank Bridge

Old Juniper trees always provided odd twisted shapes that look good in the snow.

Tank Bridge

Frikka went off to explore some side canyons.

Tank Bridge Tank Bridge Tank Bridge

The Henry Mountains always look good from this angle.

January 1st 2019

The start of the new year in Torrey was sunny and cold with a high of about 20F following a low of 2F.

We headed out to Sand Creek for the dog walk but only got about half a mile before Biff started to limp, he had a cracked paw and despite a load of Musher’s Secret he didn’t want to go on.

Biff The Reluctant
Despite the short walk Frikka had a long rest in the evening before going to bed.